Viva Prep Part 1

So… less than 2 weeks until my viva voce. The perfect opportunity to discuss how strange it feels, the preparations I am making, and how I’m oddly looking forward to it!

I think the word that can best describe the period of time between thesis hand in and viva is ‘limbo’. In one sense, I have finished, I wrote up my project! But in another, far from it, I still have the scariest exam of my life to go!

Tomorrow I have a mock viva with my supervisor. I have done very little prep for this because I really want to use it as a learning exercise. However, I have been reading advice on the internet. Some excellent links I found were PORT (postgraduate online research training) and Vitae. They provide some great ideas on what to take with you into your viva, advise you to look into your institutional guidelines and give some practice questions you actually CAN prepare an answer for.

I have almost finished going through my thesis (there is an ABUNDANCE of post-it notes marking papers to re-read before the big day), and am most certainly starting to feel jittery. But I think it is a mixture of anxiety and excitement. I am looking forward to exiting this ‘limbo’ period and being able to finally conclude my project of work. What an achievement this will be.

Hopefully tomorrow’s mock will tell me more, and I will, of course, document the result here! fingers crossed!


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